Arizona Drive-ins

Arizona got off to a late and modest start in
the outdoor cinema biz. There were a dozen
different states that had already hosted their
first drive-in theatre .. during the 1930's, and
both Texas & California had a couple drive-ins
up and running in the 30's. Even during the 40's,
things developed very gradually in Arizona... with
only 5 drive-in theatres opening. But by the late 50's,
during the heydey of the Outdoor Cinema, there were
no less than 49 Drive-in theatres operating in Arizona.

Since that time, the number of functional drive-ins
in the state has declined by 92% and, presently,
there are four drive-in theatres that remain open
(with a total of 20 outdoor screens among them).
Meanwhile, there are two attempts underway to
expand the cinema under the stars in Arizona.

  • Glendale (Maricopa County) Arizona
     see listing under:  Phoenix

     Apache Drive-in Theatre 
 Globe, Arizona

  • Globe (Gila County) Arizona
    Apache Drive-in:  928-425-4511
    located on U.S. Highway 60

    The smallest of Arizona's remaining Drive-ins has
    a solo screen (and is the only single-screen Drive-in
    which is still operating in the state of Arizona), with a
    capacity for up to 160 cars. Open seasonally, April thru
    September. Some traditional pole speakers remain, but
    audio is primarily AM (540) radio broadcast. Admission:
    for any number of passengers, $5 per carload covers it.

  • Golden Valley (Mohave County) Arizona
    Golden Valley Drive-in Theatre:  520-565-2701
    located on Highway 68   {under development}

    Arizona's first contribution to the overall renaissance
    of Drive-in movie theatres in America may be modest -
    a 100 car Dr'in featuring current flicks & film revivals,
    proposing to operate primarily on a membership basis.

  • Phoenix (Maricopa County) Arizona
    Glendale 9 Drive-in:  623-939-9715
    located at 55th Ave & Bethany Home Road

    Arizona's largest Drive-in theatre has 9 screens,
    each lit with a double feature, year round. Audio
    provided exclusively via FM radio for all screens.
    Admission: $5.25 per person (kids under 11 free);
    discounted ADM on Family Fun Nite (Tuesdays): $3.
    FleaMkt SwapMeet held here Sat/Sun (5am-2pm).

  • Scottsdale (Maricopa County) Arizona
    Scottsdale Drive-in:  480-949-9451
    located at 8101 East McKellips Road
    (across from Green Acres Memorial Park)

    The Scottsdale has half a dozen screens and each
    of them is lit with a double feature every nite. On
    the weekends (Fri/Sat) there is a repeat screening
    of the 1st feature as a bonus LateShow. Audio is
    provided by FM stereo radio only. The Drive-in
    is open year-round (7 nites) and has a capacity
    to accomodate up to 1800 cars among all screens.
    Admission: $5.25 per person; children 11 & under
    admitted free; Tuesday (discount nite): adults $3.

  • Tucson (Pima County) Arizona
    Apache Drive-in Theatre:   DARK
    formerly located at 1600 East Benson Highway

    The Apache had remained lit for 39 years before it
    went dark in 1994, and so joined 6 other Drive-ins
    that had once flourished in the Tucson area .. but
    are now found along the Lost Highway:   The Fiesta
    was the first to go (in '66); and then The Prince ('76);
    the 22nd Street Drive-in & The Midway (both, in '79);
    followed by The Rodeo ('81) and then Tucson-5 ('88).

     DeAnza Drive-in Theatre 
 Tucson, Arizona

  • Tucson (Pima County) Arizona
    De Anza Drive-in:  520-745-2240
    located at 1401 South Alvernon Way
    (¼mi south of East 22nd Street)

    The DeAnza has been lit since 1977 (prior to
    that time a Drive-in had been in operation at
    this location - The Cactus Drive-in, since 1951).
    The DeAnza is open year-round, but in winter
    months they cut back to 4 nites (Friday-Monday);
    meanwhile all of their four screens however do
    remain lit with double features on each of them
    thru the winter; plus LateShow on Fri/Sat nites.
    Audio for all screens provided via FM radio only.
    Admission: $6 per person (children under 12 free);
    Monday Nite Special: adults charged $3 per person.

     Westbound view from I-40 in Williams, Arizona 
(Route 66 Drive-in property located on the right)

  • Williams (Coconino County) Arizona    
    Route 66 Drive-in Theatre:    Opening in May of 2003
    located {under construction} at 950 North Airport Road

    Although the next Arizona Drive-in to open or reopen is
    technically a new-build, from the ground up, it happens
    that the focalpoint of this new outdoor picture show - its
    BigScreen tower, is a revival ...   the 'resurrection' of a
    former Route 66 Drive-in screen tower in Flagstaff, AZ ..
    which was taken apart sequentially, and its components
    were then relocated to Williams, AZ, to be reconstructed
    and then re-surfaced, in time for a Season 2003 opening.

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