Drive-ins of Delaware

During the 50's heyday of America's Drive-ins,
the Diamond State was host to as many as 9 of them ..
not remarkable numbers as compared to most other states
in that same time period, but- notable for Delaware, which
after all, has only three counties .. that's, uh, 3 per county.

Meanwhile, since that time, 89% of  Delaware's Drive-ins
have gone dark or have been demolished, and presently,
much like a candle wavering in the winds of change, only
1 screen remains lit, at the very last Drive-in picture show.

 Diamond State Drive-in  
 Felton, Delaware

The Last Drive-in Picture Show in Delaware

Diamond State Drive-in:  302-284-8307
located on Route 13 South; 8 miles south of Route 1

2 miles north of  Felton  (Kent County)  Delaware
(Exit 4B off I-95, to Rte.1  & Rte.1 to Exit 97 = Rte.13)

The screen at this outdoor picture show was first lit
back in 1949 when the Drive-in was opened by
Alfred Steele and his wife, Milred.  It went dark
36 years later, in 1985, and remained dark
for 10 years, before being restored and then
re-opened. Normally, open seasonally, May
thru October, the Diamond State is screening
double features 4 nites a week - Friday thru Monday.
Audio is provided with a local FM (88.3) radio broadcast.
Admission: age12&up $6.50;  under12 $3.   Pets not permitted.

NOTE   that we say (above) that the Diamond State is
'normally' (usually) open through October, because the
management is inclined & quite willing to hold-out even
longer if and when enough people encourage them to ..
and that was the case last year - into December. So,
this last and precious gem of a Drive-in for Delaware
may also remain lit later than usual this Season .. IF
interest and attendance encourages them to do so.



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