Thank you for a few minutes of the 50's ..
It was a wonderful time to be a teenager, and
the memories of going to the Drive-in with your
family .. When I was a child, back in the 40's,
my family went to the Auto Movies #1, located in
Birmingham, Alabama.

I will carry my grandchildren to the Trussville,
Alabama Drive-in, and let them enjoy this great
experience, as I did when I was 9 years old.

Thanks again, from Alabama
Sonny Musso

Our kids today will never know the excitement
and wonderful memories that most of us share
from our teenage years. I grew up at the
San Gabriel, the Starlite, the El Monte,
and of course, the Vineland, which had the
cheap by-the-carload Admission price. I would
love to take my kids to a Drive-in if I could
only find one in an area that is still safe.
What a great loss for all that so many of
the Drive-ins we fondly remember are gone ..
"Go Modern Times!"

Frank O'Farrell
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I grew-up going to the drive-in, in Texas ..
our's was the Lone Star Drive-in, which was
between Daingerfield and Lone Star Texas. It's
located in East Texas, not too far from the
Louisana border, and I made many a trip in my
parents' 1957 Chevy. Then as a teenager, I'd
spent many a memorable night on the back row
with my future 1st wife, in my '67 Camaro.

I have a restored 1967 Chevy Camaro Z28/RS now,
that I take to car shows. And I have one of the
old speaker poles and speakers from that same
Drive-in, which I take to the shows and set out
beside my car. I also found some of the pop corn
boxes, a Chocolate Stars box, hot dog paper holder
drink cups, and torn tickets, that I place on the
center console to complete the effect .. definately
gets some attention from the over thirty group that
see it. I'm still looking for one of the original
show calenders that they used to send out by mail
listing the month's movies that would be playing.

Keep up the good work with this site. I wish 'our'
Drive-in was still here, but it has been closed for
years now, and is almost completely grown over with
trees and brush. I found the last two speakers that
were still left out there about two years ago.

Camaro Mike

I was born and raised in Dothan, Alabama,
and I can remember many evenings going to
the Skyview Drive-in Theater, which was
owned and operated by the Davis family, who,
at that time, owned and ran ALL the theaters
in Dothan. This was back in the 60,s ..

I remember Rufus, the son, seeing me out
walking one day, and he turned around and
picked me up in an exact replica of Herbie-
from The Love Bug movie that had been loaned
to them by the production company, so that
they could drive around town to advertise
the Love Bug film, which had just opened.

Steven Gellerstedt,
Lakeland, Florida

Thank you so much for this web site.
While I am not a computer wiz, and
far from feeling comfortable at this
machine, I found this site quite easily.

I am almost fifty, with children under
ten and I want to share with them my
experiences at the drive in movie. I live
rurally, outside of San Antonio and am
willing to venture outside of Paradise
to give them this wonderful experience.
Your site was a wealth of information
on Texas drive ins. Thank you for that.

Cricket Ingraham,
Canyon Lake, Texas

There were a couple of Drive-ins that i well recall ..
both were located in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
The first one was Lakeside Drive-in (Conneaut Lake, PA).
It closed when I was young. I remember going there alot.
It still sits there, sign, screen, and all. The other one
was in Meadville, PA, on Route 19. I can't recall the name,
but I remember when I was young that one of my friends had
worked there, and she would always give us a "bargain".
It's no longer there. And there is no evidence of it
ever being there .. You guessed it, a shopping mall!

Also, I remember going to the Reynold's Drive-in with
my parents when I was young. I believe you list that it
is still there. I really miss them, as now I live in NJ
and I wish I could find one to take my children to so that
they could experience it. We drove to Buck's county once,
and I believe that one is closed. My youngest has never
been to one, and my middle child probably doesn't remember.
My oldest is 15 and he remembers them from before we moved.

Carol Billings,

Hi! I would just like to say that I grew up
going to drive-in movies, and loved them.
It was only $1.00 a carload and believe me,
we got our $1.00's worth! We mainly went
to see the double feature horror movies.

My favorite Drive-in was the Diane 29
in Gaston County, North Carolina.
It was soooo nice.

Lana Shaw
North Carolina

I can still remember going to see Disney movies ..
at the drive-in with my family in the mid to late 60's.
We'd bring our own bags of Hershey's mini candy bars and
my dad would get upset because the kids would pick around
the Special Darks (I still hate dark chocolate!). Sometimes
we'd even bring the family dog. I don't have a lot of very
special memories from my childhod, but going to the drive-in
is one of them.

This Friday night we are driving our girls (ages 11 and 8) to
Gatesville to the drive-in. I hope that it will be as special
a family memory for them as it was and is for me.

Mary Goolsby,
Waco, Texas

With GREAT sadness, I can tell you that the Bel-Air
is closed, as of this season {2001}.  Also, sadly,
it's been nearly ten years since I had moved from
that area, and since I have been able to attend.

Mrs. McGee and her late husband, had been owners since
the very beginning {1955}, along with having had the
same manager all those years. And while new generations
of interest in running drive-ins would be wonderful, I
would be a little sad to return to a reopened Bel-Air
and not see the face of Frances McGee, and to hear the
kind and pleasant words she spoke to each patron in line.

Lisa Sadler
North Carolina

Though I still go to the Drive-in
every chance I get, I think my fondest
memories are going as a kid, in my Dad's
'63 Cady, with the top down. I can remember
wearing my PJ's and looking up at the stars.

I even remember most of the movies .. Bambi ..
SuperDad .. Benji .. but most of all I remember
us going every weekend - so we could see both
the movie and the fireworks.

Laconia, New Hampshire

I just wanted to thank you for creating this web site.
Before I travel anywhere, I always check to see where
the closest drive-in is. I just absolutely love them,
and remember them fondly! Used to go to the Whitestone
Drive-in {NY} and I also remember the Smithtown Drive-in
which was out on Long Island, but a long-time-gone now.

Anyhow, I am living in New Jersey now, and am very sad not
to have any drive-ins here. My family and I usually go to
the Warwick, New York drive-in (the closest to us), and we
have also been to the one in Elmira, NY (very nice). And, in
our travels, we've also been to the one in Anaheim, California.

Please keep up the great work you're doing, keeping them alive.

Ivonne Klink
New Jersey

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