Alabama Drive-ins

Alabama had got off to a slow start as a drive-in state,
with 13 drive-ins in operation by 1948. The 50's were a
different story. Within ten years, Alabama had added
another 83 drive-in movies, peaking in 1958 with 96.

Since that time, like most drive-in states, Alabama
has been in a tailspin ... declining at a steep angle
in an 90% downward turn.  Ten drive-ins remain
however, which do appreciate your support, and
on an up note ..  four of those are new openings!

Here are the most recent closings and all of the remaining
Drive-ins in Alabama which we can still enjoy and support

  • Argo (Jefferson County) Alabama
    see:   Trussville, Alabama

  • Athens (Limestone County) Alabama
    Cinemagic Drive-in Theatre:   256-233-0402
    located at 1702 Jefferson Street Southeast @ Rte.72

  • Boaz (Etowah County) Alabama
    Sand Mountain Twin Drive-in:   256-593-5599
    located at 10480 U.S. Highway 431,
    (south of Boaz, near Mountainboro, TN)

    photo: Justin West
     411 DRIVE-IN 
 Centre, Alabama 
 by Justin West

  • Centre (Cherokee County) Alabama
    411 Drive-in:   256-927-2855
    located on Highway 411

    This old solo screen, with a capacity for 250 cars
    was first lit back in 1953, and had a run of 30yrs.,
    before going dark ..  then lay forlorn & overgrown
    for another 18 years, a skeleton of its former self.
    The 411 was ultimately rescued, restored, revived,
    and was successfully reopened in July of 2001.

  • Cleveland (Blount County)
    Cheyenne Drive-in:   205-559-8033
    located on Highway 79, south of town

    One of Alabama's newest Dr'ins (lit during the
    final year of the last millenium) could become
    an inspiration to those who wish  to open one,
    but who hesitate because it appears to be far too
    complicated, or perhaps seems cost-prohibitive.
    The Cheyenne is also the most-recent example
    of a classic pole screen (not many of them left).
    Open throughout the year (wknds only Nov-Feb).
    Movie audio is provided with FM radio broadcast.
    Admission:  $10 per carload - for all passengers.

  • Guin (Marion County) Alabama
    Blue Moon Drive-in:   205-468-8046
    located at 4690 Highway 43 (near Winfield)

  • Haleyville (Winston County) Alabama
    Havala Drive-in:   205-486-3411
    located on Highway 195 East

  • Henagar (DeKalb County) Alabama
    Henagar Drive-in:   256-657-1340

    Alabama's latest contribution to America's
    Drive-in renaissance is this new 200-car solo
    screen which was built from the ground up,
    and opened in May of 2002. They're screening
    double features on weekends Friday-Sunday,
    plus occasional 'BlowOut' screenings with
    four films back-to-back. The movie audio is
    provided by local FM (93.9) radio broadcast.
    Admission: $8 per carload for all passengers.

  • Mountainboro (Etowah County) Alabama
    see:   Boaz, Alabama

  • Piedmont (Calhoun County) Alabama
    Piedmont Drive-in:  256-447-6521
    located at 1260 Route 278 West

  • Roanoke (Randolph County) Alabama
    Roanoke Drive-in:  334-863-2444
    located at 220 County Road 79 - Old Franklin Rd
    (off of U.S. Route 431, north of State Route 22)

    The South is going to rise again!   After years of
    decline, the opening of the Roanoke in 1996 had
    marked the onset of an upward trend for Alabama.
    Initially, there were quite a few rough spots here ..
    but subsequently, and under new management,
    it has become a real gem of a Drive-in and might
    provide just-the inspiration for imaginative souls
    who dream of participating in the Drive-in revival.
    Audio: FM stereo.  Open throughout the year.

  • Russellville (Franklin County) Alabama
    King Drive-in Theatre:  256-332-3619
    located at 18478 Highway 43

  • Trussville (Jefferson County) Alabama
    The Drive-in:  205-467-3434
    located at 100 Angus Street (Hwy. 11)
    25 miles northeast of Birmingham

    Another of Alabama's contributions to the Drive-in
    revival that we are witnessing all across America;
    open since May of 98, and open throughout the year.

  • Winfield (Marion County) Alabama
    see:   Guin, Alabama

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