Georgia Drive-ins

Back in '55 and right in the thick of
America's Drive-in boom, the Peach State
could boast of harboring nearly 130 Drive-ins.

Since that time, Georgia has suffered the highest
attrition rate of any of the 46 American states that
still harbor operating Drive-ins within their borders.
Presently, Georgia still has 4 Drive-in movie theatres
whose screens remain lit, and eleven screens among them.

     Starlight 6 Drive-in 
 Atlanta, georgia

  • Atlanta (Fulton County) Georgia
    Starlight Six Drive-in:  404-627-5786
    located at 2000 Moreland Avenue SE

    The largest of Georgia's remaining Drive-ins
    is this double-barreled six shooter, which is
    lighting each of its 6 screens with a pair of
    either first-run or current features; frequent
    special event theme nites also, with retro films.
    Admission:  ages 11&up $6 per; 10&under free.
    If you are looking forward to this 6pack on Fri/Sat,
    absolutely get there early, or expect to wait in line
    (Gates open 8:30). Dogs are not permitted at The 6.

     Swan Drive-in 
 Blue Ridge, Georgia

  • Blue Ridge (Fannin County) Georgia
    Swan Drive-in:  706-632-5235
    Out-of-State TollFree:  888-469-1955
    located at 651 Summit St. (90mi. NE of Atlanta)

    The Swan first took flight right smack in the middle of
    America's Drive-in boom, back in '55, and it remains
    open year-round, lighting-up the screen with first-run
    features. Audio: FM (105.5) stereo radio.  Admission:
    ages 12&up $5 per person; ages 4-11 $2; under 3 free
    (motor homes, campers, and RV's are welcome here).

  • Commerce (Jackson County) Georgia
    Commerce Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 2367 Highway 441 South

    As recently as Season 2001, the Commerce was
    open year-round, showing a different film
    on each of its three screens (seven nites).
    Admission: $6 per person for all ages over 3.

  • Dewy Rose (Elbert County) Georgia  
    Highway 17 Drive-in Theatre:  706-213-7693
    located at 2395 Bowman Highway {17}

    Birth Announcement:   Georgia just had twins ..
    and you can go visit them any nite of the week,
    and, on any nite of the year.   Each screen is lit
    with a pair of double features. Audio: FM radio.
    Admission:   $6 per person; age 3&under free.

  • Jesup (Wayne County) Georgia
    Jesup Drive-in:  912-427-7254
    located at 3686 Savannah Highway

    The oldest of Georgia's remaining Drive-ins
    was first lit-up back in 1948 (altho its original
    screen however was taken-out by a tornado).
    Presently, the Jessup is a two-screener, with
    a capacity for up to 300 cars, and serves-up
    movie audio with a local FM radio broadcast;
    and, there are still some traditional speakers.
    A single feature is shown on each of their two
    screens; six nites a week (closed Thursday).
    Admission:  ages 13&up $4.50;  ages 6-12 $2.

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