South Carolina Drive-ins

Back during the 1950's heyday of the outdoor cinema
there were more than 70 Drive-ins flourishing within
the Palmetto State. Presently, there are only two
that are in operation. Interestingly, one of these
two opened 20 years after the peak, and the other
is a very enthusiastic resurrection of an old classic
that had been abandoned and was all but destroyed
before being brought back from the proverbial brink.

  • Beaufort / Burton (Beaufort County) South Carolina
    Plaza 21 Drive-in Theatre:  843-846-4500
    located at 55 Parker Drive (on Highway 21 North)

    The Plaza's screen has been lit since 1978. Their
    picture show has a capacity for up to 500 cars and
    runs year-round, as in: 365 nites a year, give or take a
    Hurricane or two, or any severely inclement weather.
    Their usual format is: screening double features on
    the weekends and single features during the week,
    plus triples on occasion. Audio: classic speakers.

  • Greenwood (Greenwood County) South Carolina
    Auto Drive-in Theatre:   DARK
    located at 3109 Highway 25 South

    The old Auto Theatre had been dark for 16 years when
    Marty & Marsha lit it up again during the last summer
    of the last year of the last Century (on June 30th) with
    Wild Wild West.   The last couple that had leased the
    property before them, Pete and Betty, ran the picture
    show for 32 years (there are still folks in Greenwood
    who will tell you about Pete's famous hotdogs!); and
    it'd been up&running for several seasons before Pete
    and Betty started, back in the summer of '55. The most
    recent couple to rent and run the premises turned the
    light out over the picture after a run of three months,
    and the old screen remained dark through Season 2K.

  • Lake City (Florence County) South Carolina
    East Main Drive-In Theatre:   DARK
    located on the Johnsonville Highway

     Opening Nite at The Big Mo

  • Monetta (Aiken County) South Carolina
    Monetta Drive-in Theatre:  803-685-7949   MAP
    midway between Columbia (SC) and Augusta (GA);
    7 miles from I-20 (exit 33), on Historic U.S. 1

    The Monetta Drive-in saw first light on April 26th, 1951,
    when its screen was lit with 100 minutes of Technicolor
    called Nancy Goes to Rio .. a musical comedy featuring
    Ann Sothern, Barry Sullivan, and Carmen Miranda - her
    19th film (she would only make one more film after this:
    Scared Stiff, before her untimely death at the age of 46).

                             The Big MO

    Oddly enough, the screen that was baptised with a Carmen
    Miranda film was itself facing certain death at age 46 .. but
    was rescued in the spring of 1998 - after 13 years of neglect,
    and restored by Richard and Lisa Boaz .. to re-open in 1999.
    The revived Monetta Drive-in is now open Friday, Saturday,
    and Sunday nights only; occasionally seven nights a week
    during special promotions, and for certain movie premiers.
    They also feature Trivia Contests during the intermissions
    (you can win free food at the snackbar and other prizes).
    Their season runs March thru November; in season the big
    screen is lit with double features. Audio: FM (94.3) radio.
    Admission: $5 for adults (ages 12&up); 11 & under free.

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