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Bob Marley One Love Review

by Released : 2024-02-20

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Bob Marley One Love is directed by Reionaldo Marcus Green and stars Kingsley Ben-Adir as famed musician Bob Marley. The film is not a traditional biopic and instead follows Marley at the height of his fame and details the events after the failed assassination attempt on his life that led to the creation of his most famous album Exodus. The film has solid performances from an ensemble cast that includes Lashana Lynch as Marley’s wife Rita and Micheal Gandolfini.  Overall the film falters by not going deeper into Marley’s story but still remains a worthy watch for fans of the genre or Marley fans. They only show brief glimpses into Marley's rise to prominence which seemed like it had the potential to be the most tantalizing aspect of the film yet was barely explored. Overall this biopic was good but could have been great and that's why I was slightly disappointed.