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Dumb Money Review

by Released : 2023-09-19

Dumb Money is the latest film from director Craig Gillespie (Cruella, I, Tonya) and tells the story of the gamestop short squeeze. The film features an ensemble cast that tells the perspective of both the hedge fund executives and retail traders. Seth Rogen plays Gabe Plotkin, the hedge fund boss of Melvin Capital who was shorting Gamestop since 2014 and lost big during the short squeeze. Paul Dano plays Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty the man who through his option and stock purchase of game stop makes millions and inadvertently becomes the leader of a movement to short the stock. The film has five main storylines yet I felt only four were necessary since they can get repetitive. Anthony Ramos was a highlight as a Gamestop store clerk who profits from the squeeze. Overall I'd reccomend the film to anyone whose a fan of comedies the financial concepts arent complicated and easy for anyone to understand and the film has high rewatchibility despite one to many storylines