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Equalizer 3 at a Drivein Near You

by Released : 2023-09-04

Equalizer 3 is the third installment in the Equalizer trilogy starring Denzel Washington with all three films being directed by Antoine Fuqua. The Equalizer action franchise follows retired government assassin Robert McCall as he often helps his friends get out of unfortunate situations with the mob, gangs, robbers whenever any trouble for them may arrive. 

Before going into my thoughts on the third film I’ll briefly discuss the first two. The 2014 film Equalizer had some good action scenes and character moments. However it was bogged down by a cliche villain, and padded runtime of over 2 hours. Its 2018 sequel Equalizer 2 suffered from aimlessness. The film followed McCall once again aiding his friends but instead of some brief instances and a main storyline as in the first film it focused on multiple storylines.  I found McCalls relationship with a young artist trying to avoid being sucked into the life of a gang member as the most compelling aspect of the film, however the film was often distracted with a revenge plot and less interesting subplots. It also was overstuffed at 2 hours and did not reach a semblance of a primary conflict till over an hour in the film.   Overall the first two installments were fun action films but with noticeable flaws. 

Now onto Equalizer 3, the latest and best installment in the franchise. This film finds Robert McCall in Italy defending a group of locals from the mafia. The film has the best and least action in the franchise but it utilizes its action in service of the story better then previous films. Previous films had wandering sublots but by containing the story in a town you gain a greater attachment to the community and learn to care more for the characters. Equalizer 3 has the best action, pacing and villains in the franchise and is the perfect film to see at a Drive-in near you this Labor day.