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Ferrari Review

by Released : 2023-10-14

Ferrari is directed by Micheal Mann and stars Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari the founder of Ferrari S.p.A and creator of the Ferrari line of automobiles. As Enzo Ferrari states in the film he sells cars to fund his racing he does not race to sell cars. This line epitomizes the character's motivations throughout the film. Set during a tumultuous time for the company in 1957 following the death of Ferrari son. The company is facing financial difficulties in the lead up to that year's Mille Miglia. A nearly 1000 mile race across the public roads and streets of Italy. 

The film follows the lead up to the race and Enzo Ferrarri’s personal and professional relationships. These include his wife, Laura, (played by Penelope Cruz), his mistress Lina Lardi (played by Shailene Woodley) and the five drivers participating in the Mille Miglia most notably Alfonso De Portago (Gabrielle Leone) and Piero Taruffi (Patrick Dempsey). The film has thrilling racing scenes brilliantly directed by Micheal Mann. Fantastic performances from the entire cast, and an interesting look inside the life and mind of Enzo Ferrari. The film is a must watch for any racing fans or fans of Mann. At two hours and ten minutes it has some pacing problems and a slight lack of narrative focus. But overall it is a fantastic film and a must watch once it is released in theaters this Christmas.