! Future of the Vali-Hi Drive-in Uncertain

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Future of the Vali-Hi Drive-in Uncertain

by Released : 2022-06-13

screen at the Vali-Hi Drive-in

The future of the Vali-Hi Drive-ins remains a mystery and very much uncertain at this point.  The Vali-Hi Drive-in is a single screen drive-in theater located in Lake Elmo, Minnesota which is just outside of Minneapolis.  It is the last operating drive-in in the greater Minneapolis area and has been in operating since opening in 1966.

But as of June 13, 2022, the Vali-Hi Drive-in has not opened for the 2022 season and their website contains no information on opening.  According to an article by Fox9 News, there is a 30 acre business park being developed right next to the Vali-Hi Drive-in and some speculate that the drive-in is being sold.  Fox9 News tried to contact the owner of the drive-in but did not receive a response. 

The Vali-Hi Drive-in is so popular, that a Facebook Fan Page that was started for it years ago has over 10,000 followers which is a huge number for a drive-in theater. Many of the page have commented about trying to save the drive-in and everyone is looking for answers but no one knows with certainty what is happened at the Vali-Hi Drive-in.

Since the Vali-Hi Drive-in has not yet opened, we are moving it from an “Open” status to “Closed”.  We will follow developments and update the status of the drive-in once we receive definitive information on its future.  We certainly hope this classic 1960’s drive-in remains operational for all its dedicated fans in the Minneapolis area.

To learn more about the history of the Vali-Hi Drive-in, visit Vali-Hi Drive-in.

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