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Marc Rebillet Concert Series at Drive-in Theaters

by Released : 2020-05-08

Hounds Drive-in

While most summer concerts have been postponed indefinitely because of social distancing restrictions due to Covid-19, electronic music artist Marc Rebillet has announced a summer concert series held exclusively at drive-in theaters.  While concerts have been held at individual drive-in theaters before, this is the first full series of concerts by one artist held exclusively at drive-in theaters.

Movie studios have delayed the release of most new movies until the Fall of 2020.  So drive-ins that have been able to open or plan to open have been forced to show mostly second run movies.  So it is nice to see drive-ins able to generate revenue through additional entertainment options such as concerts.  We have also seen drive-ins host graduations, weddings and church services.

As of now, Marc Rebillet will be performing five concerts at drive-in theaters.  The dates and locations are listed below.

June 11, 2020 – Hounds Drive-in located in Charlotte, NC

June 18, 2020 – Drive-in TBA located in Kansas City

June 20, 2020 – Admiral Twin Drive-in located in Tulsa, OK

June 25, 2020 – Coyote Drive-in located in Fort Worth, TX

July 2, 2020 – Showboat Drive-in located in Houston, TX

To purchase tickets, you can visit https://nightout.com/promoters/hotbox/events/tickets.

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