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Poor Things Review

by Released : 2023-12-08

Poor Things is the latest film from acclaimed director Yorgos Lanthimos,  and stars Emma Stone as a reanimated woman who seeks her independence. The film features an ensemble cast including Mark Ruffolo, and Willem Dafoe. The entire cast gives outstanding performances but the film is not for everyone. Lanthimos with films like the Lobster, the Favorite, and Killing of the Sacred Deer has established a unique style that shines through in this film. This typically features unusual but well executed premises and his latest outing is no different. 

Lanthimos direction in this film is most evident during Stone’s characters travels where different countries she visits are fiving unique and colorful backdrops reminiscent of the directors unique style. The film is not without its flaws, specifically in the third act the final 15 minutes could arguably have been taken out in favor of a more abbreviated by just as effective ending. 

Overall the film was still one of the year's best with stylistic direction, assured performances and offbeat comedy which many moviegoers would enjoy. Go see Poor Things at a drive-in near you.