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Priscilla Film Review

by Released : 2023-11-03

Priscilla is the latest film written and directed by Sofia Coppola.  The film chronicles the marriage between Priscilla Beaulieu and Elvis Presley and stars Cailey Spaney (Priscilla) and Jacob Elordi (Elvis). The film, whether unintentionally or not, is an interesting companion piece to 2022 Elvis as it covers events that were largely glossed over in that film. 

The film chronicles Priscilla meeting Elvis in 1959 and up until their eventual divorce in the early 70s. It depicts Elvis as a pill popping rock star prone to mood swings and bouts of anger that at times turn violent. Priscilla initially a meak 14 year old high school freshman with a standard crush on a world famous rockstar who takes an interest in her eventually evolves into a independent woman with her own life as the film progresses. 

The film does not feature any of Elvis’s songs or performances but his presence is felt as the force that drives the primary plot and conflicts throughout the film. The film often montages through large portions of time that do not contain Elvis in Priscillas life but does so without sacrificing sufficient pacing. The performances of the two leads are both oscar worthy, and Sofia Coppola’s direction is as fantastic as ever. Overall any fans of character dramas or ones looking to learn a bit more about Elvis and his wife would enjoy the film at a drive in near you.