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Saltburn Review

by Released : 2023-12-01


Saltburn is director Emerald Fennel's second film following the academy award nominated Promising Young Women. The film stars Barry Koeghan and Jacob Elordi as Oliver Quick and Felix Catton respectively, two Oxford students who attend Felix’s family estate dubbed Saltburn during the summer of 2006. The ensemble cast also features academy award nominees Richard E. Grant,  Rosamund Pike and Carrey Mulligan as well as newcomers Archie Madekwe (starred in Gran Turismo) and Allison Oliver. 

The film is a psychological thriller and primarily focuses on Oliver and Felix's friendship at the Catton family estate in Saltburn. The direction and cinematography are fantastic and definitely worthy of praise come awards season. The performances from the entire cast are brilliant with an oscar worthy turn from Koeghan. It is one of the best films of the year and I felt some critics were being too critical of the screenplay and some interesting revelations of the film's third act. I enjoyed these aspects of the film and think it made Saltburn one of the most entertaining films of the year and a must watch at a drive in near you.