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Talk to Me Review

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Talk to Me is another unique take on the horror drama by A24 that expands on a simple premise. Talk to Me is the directorial debut of Danny and Michael Philippou and follows a group of Australian teenagers who use a supernatural porcelain hand to commune and be possessed by spirits. At first it starts out as just a party game before the group of teens discovers the consequences of using the hand. 

The film manages to elevate itself from similar films in the horror genre featuring a haunted object or possessed humans. It does this through its concise runtime, excellent acting by its ensemble cast (Sophie Wilde, Zoe Terakas, Miranda Otto, Jet Gazley, Alexandra Jensen, and Joe Bird) and assured direction.  Talk to Me is not another mediocre horror film only genre fans can enjoy and standouts as one of the better horror films in recent memory. It's a must watch for horror fans and worth seeing this weekend at a Drive-In near you.