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The Iron Claw Film Review

by Released : 2023-12-22

The Iron Claw is directed by Sean Durkin and tells the story of the Von Erich wrestling family starring an ensemble cast of Zach Effron, Harris Dickinson, and Jamie Allen White as brothers Kevin, Kerry and David Von Erich. The film chronicles the lives of four Von Erich brothers (five in real life four for the purposes of the film) from 1979-1993, as they overcome many trials and tribulations and illustrate the mental toll of professional wrestling.  

Zach Effron gives the finest performance of a quite lengthy career for a 36 year old actor having made his debut in the 2005 Disney Channel film High School Musical, he’s certainly come a long way from those films and is Oscar worthy in the Iron Claw. By far one of the best films of the year with crowd pleasing wrestling, 80s nostalgia, sleek direction and heart wrenching drama this film has it all. If you don’t know the story of the Von Erichs do yourself  a favor and go into this film blind don’t even watch the trailers.  However if like me you knew the story before entering the film its still extremely powerful, emotional and entertaining. 

Effron's performance anchors the entire film but the entire ensemble is fantastic, it's Effron’s physical commitment to his performance as well as his character's role as the emotional anchor through lots of tragedy which makes the film stand out among other sports biopics. As a sports biopic the Iron Claw is one the best sports films of all time. As a drama it's one of the most entertaining I've seen in years. As a film the Iron Claw is one of the year's best, run and go see it at a drive in near you.