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Top ten DC comics movies of the 2000s:

by Released : 2023-09-28



Top Ten DC comics movies of the 2000s

1. The Dark Knight (2008)

Not only the best DC film of the 2000s, but arguably the best DC comic and superhero film ever. Not just a superhero film, but an epic crime film that has been praised effusively.

2. Superman II: The Richard Donnor Cut (2006)

Richard Donnor shot Superman and Superman 2 back to back, but when he was around 70% done with the sequel he was fired and replaced with Richard Lester. Thus, resulted in a more comedic cut with a different opening, ending, and other sequences. Although the Richard Lester cut has its charm, as well as an  exciting opening in Paris. The superior version is the Donner Cut (basically the original Sydner Cut). Released in 2006 the film takes Donor's lost footage and reorders events in the films resulting in a more mature version of the film. Marlo Brando is also back in this film and Lex Luther has more scenes. Gone are Superman’s silly magical powers instead replaced by more grounded emotional scenes.  Superman 2: The Richard Donnor Cut rivals the original Superman (1978). 

3. Batman Beyond Return of The Joker (2000)

Batman Beyond aka Terry McGinnis is one of the best elseworld versions of the character. The tv show a sequel to Batman the Animated Series had a movie that explained what happened to Joker (who is absent in the tv show replaced by the Joker's gang). Mark Hammil returns in all his glory confirming him as the best Joker. The film has an interesting twist on famous Batman lore like Death in the family, but instead of Jason Todd uses Tim Drake as the robin vulnerable to Joker’s torture. Released shortly after the Columbine shootings the film was heavily cut due to violence (check out the uncut version for a superior watch). A perfect companionship for the show or a great way to get started in this universe, the film went straight to DVD, has exciting action scenes, a great soundtrack, and its own interesting take on the Batman Mythos.

4. Road to Perdition (2002)

Road to Perdition

Daniel Craig is deliciously slimy as the spoiled son of Mob Boss (Newman) and Jude Law is creepy as a vicious hitman. Jeneifer Jason Leigh and Stanley Tuci are also solid here. Excellent direction by Sam Mendez, use of rain, great period accurate outfits, and fun car chases. Although multiple sequels were planned and the film was a box office success nothing ever materialized. Hopefully Tyler Hocelan one day gets a chance with big budgeted sequels.

5. Batman Begins (2005) 

Batman Begins

After the box office failure of Batman and Robin a fifth film (Batman Trumpet) featuring scarecrow was scrapped and the next Batman project was stuck in development hell for close to a decade. Before this film a Batman Beyond project with remember the titans director and a dark elseworld tale starring Joaquin Phoenix directed by Darren Afronksy were almost made. Thankfully Nolan came in and brought Batman back to his big screen glory. Cillian Murphy who was cast as scarecrow also auditioned for the role of batman. The studio was against Bale but Nolan fought for him. One of the best Superhero origins ever, the film’s stacked supporting cast: Morgan Freeman, Michal Caine, and Gary Oldman plus a great villain turn by Liam Neeson helped bolster a serious grounded take on the character. A box office success the film helped revitalize DC films after marvel had started off strong in the 2000s, while DC faltered with its previous big budget DC film catwoman (2004) being a huge flop.

6. Watchmen ultimate cut (2009)


Zach Sydner is a polarizing director with his best film being a watchman. A near frame for frame remake of the comic, with a different ending. Watchmen theatrical cut, although a good film, could not fully adapt the length of the source material. The ultimate cut much like Sydner Cut or BVS cut improves upon Sydner’s vision. The film includes an extended animated sequence. At 215 minutes this epic is full of great performances particularly from Jackie Early as Rorschach. One of the darkest comic book movies of all time. Synder’s magnum opus is a faithful adaptation of the comic and it’s visual style, while also being a different kind of DC film. The film had a tumultuous production with the comic taking years to adapt and a hefty price tag at 150 million,flopping at box office making 185 million, but has gained a passionate following since.

7. Justice Leauge: The New Frontier (2008)

Justice League: The New Frontier

Based on a popular comic series takes inspiration from the golden age version of the character’s, but gives them 60s ideologies and violence. Set in the 1950s A unique violent beautifully animated DC film. A great ensemble with multiple obscure characters, while also sneakily being the best Green Lantern film ever made. Neil Pattirck Harris makes for a great Flash and Alan Richerdson, who played Aquaman in Smallville returns to voice the character. More mature than most DC animated films (which had a great run in the 2000s and early 2010s before being rebooted and connected with other films). For the drawing style alone the film deserves to be watched.

8. A History of Violence (2005)

A History of Violence

Not what one would think of a DC film, but it's a DC imprint and based on a popular graphic novel. Viggo Motterson plays a normal earnest man in a small town with a shockingly violent side and a dark part. Ed Harris is delightfully creepy as a mysterious man from his past that tracks him down and Wlliam Hurt steals the entire film. Hurt was only in the film for seven minutes, but is built up throughout the entire film. When he finally appears on screen Hurt brings a crazy energy to the role, which earned him an oscar nomination despite barely being in the film. Directed by David CRonberg who goes against type to make a more straightforward film his frankness and sturdy direction make this a unique comic book film.

9. Constantine (2005)

Although not an accurate adaptation of the character Keuuna Reeves gives his own great take on the character, with a sequel recently being announced that will be separate from James Gunn’s DC universe. Although a solid box office hit and a planned sequel soon after it was stuck in development hell for more than a decade. One of the only superhero films to successfully combine horror elements, the film was ahead of its time. It also had some great visual effects especially for coming out in 2005. A great supporting cast- Rachel Weiz, Djimon Homnsu (who's appeared in multiple superhero movies), and a young Shia labeouf. But it's the angels and demons in this film that really stand out. Tila Swifton gives a fantastic performance as the angel Gabriel and Peter Sotrmare gives one of the best portrayals of Satan ever put to screen.  The film only has a meager 46% on rotten tomatoes when considering some DC films like Wonder WOman 1984 have higher reviews. The film was unfairly compared to the Matrix: “Despite solid production values and an intriguing premise, Constantine lacks the focus of another spiritual shoot-em-up: The Matrix” A foolish comparison since the character of Constantine was around decades before the Matrix and that the films are in different genres. Due to being released shortly after matrix and star Keaune Reeves. The film received a weird reputation. Keaune Reeves is awesome in the title role. One of the few times where such a drastic change to a beloved comic book character pays off. The film has a great atmosphere, vibe, and builds up it’s mythology well. 

10. Superman Batman Public Enemies (2009)

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

No live action film has yet to properly capture the dynamics and relationship between Batman and Superman, as seen in the comics. But, animation has had no problem! Here a seasoned Batman and Superman, who have been friends for years play off each other beautifully. Fans of Superman and Batman the animated series will love this film- with Kevin Conry and Tim Daly returning to voice their beloved characters. Clancy Brown is also a great Lex Luthor, who is President of the United States in the film. smooth  animation which shows a bulkier version of the heroes (ripped out of an 1980s action film). The film captures the special relationship between these two heroes, while also having a bunch of fun action scenes.

Honorable mentions