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Wonka Film Review

by Released : 2023-12-15

Wonka is the latest film from Paddington director Paul King and stars Timothee Chalamet as a young Willy Wonka 25 years before the events of the original film. The film follows Wonka as he overcomes a series of obstacles in an attempt to make a name for himself as the world's greatest chocolatier. The film has comedy for all ages and despite being marketed for kids I’d say is quite enjoyable regardless. Despite not being marketed as such Wonka is a musical and brings back many of the classic songs from the 1971 original as well as many new ones. 

Some of the actors and some of the songs fare better than others in the musical aspects of the film but overall Wonka, is a briskly paced, funny and rather heartwarming film. Go give a chance at a Drive in Near You.