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The Book of Clarence Review

by Released : 2024-01-12

The Book of Clarence is a 2024 film directed by singer-songwriter Jeymes Samuel aka the Bullits, and stars Lakeith Steinfield, RJ Cyler, Omar Cy, and James McAvoy. The film tells the story of Clarence the identical twin brother of the apostle Thomas who makes a living as a swindler and con man in Jerusalem 33 A.D. In order to pay back a debt from a loan shark that could cost him his life he pretends to be a new messiah in the vein of contemporaries like Jesus.  

The film has fantastic lead performances and individually very good dramatic and comedic scenes. The film's flaws lie in how it balances these different elements amidst a very convoluted and ambitious narrative. The run time could have easily shaved off 20 minutes in the films third act, some character motivations or reactions feel unearned or flawed, and the overall message of film is convoluted and lost because of the tonal shifts between comedy and drama. Overall the film was good but perhaps you’d be better served waiting to see this film at home.