! Closing of the Hi-Way 50 Drive-in in Lewisburg Tennessee

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Closing of the Hi-Way 50 Drive-in in Lewisburg Tennessee

by Released : 2022-05-19

screen at Hi-Way 50 Drive-in

CORRECTION AS OF MAY 20, 2022 - We have now communicated with the owners of the Hi-Way 50 Drive-in and they said they are under contract to sell the drive-in and the new owners plan to keep the drive-in going and re-open it in July.  With this latest information, it appears the Hi-Way 50 Drive-in will not actually close.  So we are following the story and will update this story when we know more.  


Opened in 1946, the Hi-Way 50 Drive-in is the oldest drive-in movie theater located in the state of Tennessee.  The Hi-Way 50 Drive-in is located in Lewisburg, Tennessee which is about a one hour drive south of Nashville. 

The Hi-Way 50 Drive-in would have been opening this summer for their 72nd consecutive season showing movies.  However, on April 29th, the Hi-Way 50 Drive-in announced on their Facebook page that they would not be opening this year.  No reason for not opening was given other than stating, " we are being lead in a different direction and would consider selling it under the right circumstances".  So, while it was not stated that the drive-in is closing permanently, as it stands now, it appears the Hi-Way 50 Drive-in will not open in 2022 and the owners possibly want to sell the drive-in.

The Facebook post did mention that they would still host private events so it sounds as if they drive-is is not being demolished and we hope that at some point it will re-open. 

However, with this current information, we are going to mark the Hi-Way 50 Drive-in as "Closed".  If things change, we will update the status of this drive-in.  With this closure, Tennessee drops from 15 operating drive-ins to 14.

Visit Hi-Way 50 Drive-in to learn more about this classic 1940's era drive-in movie theater.