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Drive-Ins Throughout Canada

Drive-in Theaters are an American invention and while the United States has the largest number of drive-ins of any country by far (currently at about 330), Canada has the second largest number at 43 remaining drive-in theaters.  Eighteen of the 43 remaining drive-ins in Canada are located in the province of Ontario and all of those are located in the southern portion of Ontario near Ottawa and Toronto.  The 25 remaining drive-ins are scattered throughout the other provinces.  Canada got a late start with drive-ins compared to her neighbor to the south.  While the first drive-in opened in the United States in 1933, Canada did not get its first drive-in until 1946.  You can search for remaining drive-ins by Canadian province below.  We list each remaining drive-in as well as admission prices, rules for visiting, location and more.


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island